[] Very nice hangar “Poppy field” for World of Tanks

Bright, sunny, beautiful hangar for World of Tanks Author: Wargaming

pipacsos hangár

More screenshots:
shot_097 shot_096


Unpack the archive on this path: / WoT/res_mods/ /


Poppy field  (10  Mb)

12 thoughts on “[] Very nice hangar “Poppy field” for World of Tanks”

  1. Ares says:

    Is this only for Premium users? After copying files, still have halloween garage.

  2. ZawaR says:

    Fantastic Hangar! My favorite.
    Link to WoT forum plz?

  3. ZawaR says:

    will be for 0.8.10 ???

    1. Jory says:

      A simple and ingntlileet point, well made. Thanks!

  4. Spitfire155 says:

    I love the looks, but I don’t want shop sounds! I want nature sounds–wind, birds! 🙂

  5. radek says:

    nejde mi prosim pomoc mam bez premia ucet

  6. Will it work wiht 9.8.1?

  7. Jill says:

    Shows as a white shade rather than the correct images?

    1. Me says:

      Yeah, fixing ideas?

  8. me 2 says:

    Doesn’t work for me – WOT 0.9.13 – still showing christmas theme after installing the mod.

  9. Jack says:

    Amazing! 10/10 great work perfect scenery for a tank’s garage

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