[0.9.12] Team Fortress 2 Voice Mod v1.2

Team Fortress 2 Voice Mod for World of Tanks 0.9.12. Author: aznnoodle727



Copy the folder “audio” with WOT / res in WOT/res_mods/0.9.12/
Copy the folder “Audio” from the archive to WOT/res_mods/0.9.12 /, confirm the replacement.


TF2voices.rar (76 Mb)

7 thoughts on “[0.9.12] Team Fortress 2 Voice Mod v1.2”

  1. Joel Hamilton says:

    I have been getting a problem with the mod. When I put it in the root folder and start playing the game all I hear is the mod but nothing else no music or sound effects.

  2. sollitdude says:

    i couldnt care much for the tf2 sound mod, but where on earth did you get that gun sight?! you should post that instead!

  3. sarge says:

    sound file is awesome. i want to know what mod are you using for the game, so futuristic

  4. Victor says:

    What is the name of crosshair sight plugin in the video?

  5. Kimball says:

    Give that gun sight 😛 that one is just to nice

  6. JimmyRustler says:

    Cool mod. Any way to get JUST the Heavy voices?

  7. Yaviel says:

    Is this still work? ^^

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