[0.9.15] Multilined TankCarousel v2.6

Multilined TankCarousel for World of Tanks 0.9.15. This mod allows you to set the tanks in the hangar in two, three, four rows. Author: 4lCapwn



Place the “res_mods” folder in this way: \World_of_Tanks \

Changelog v2.3:
– All errors are corrected. The game now runs!!!


MultilinedTankCarousel_v2.6 – two rowed (2.7 Mb)

MultilinedTankCarousel_v2.6 – 3 rowed (2.7 Mb)

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    1. u looking for this open it with notepad > TankCarousel.cfg



  1. Heya. the left justify for the ccoursel is not working in 1.2 – is there a line in the .cfg we can use to fix or does the code need remedy and recompile

  2. Hey, I’ve downloaded this today and the .cfg file is missing. I cannot adjust the number nor size of rows.

    Tried copying the .cfg from the 0.8.10 version but it seems to be ignored. Is the cfg, and changing row numbers or size, no longer possible?

  3. Basically – DESTROYED the Locastan functions.
    NO cfg file = stuck with 3 rows
    Locastan’s Carousel for 8.11 works in 9.0 with minor errors.
    Edit the CFG file to your preference (takes couple times but works)

    1. Forgot to mention.
      Left side justify is dependant on vehicle being used.
      my settings: 2 rows – “scalefactor” is 90 – all “shows” set to 1 –

  4. OK – Found the CFG file !!!!!


    File and location is created after:
    1. Install the mod
    2. Login to World of Tanks
    3. LogOff to edit the CFG file
    4. Login to test settings
    5. Repeat 3 & 4 if needed

    1. Apologies to Author: 4lCapwn
      For comment above, but, file creation not listed in description.
      Edit Rows and Size ONLY (Text size is for the “x2” area.)

      “rowCount”: 2,
      “scaleFactor”: 0.9,
      “scaleTextFactor”: 1.1,

    2. I couldn’t get a folder with a config file to be produced so I can’t edit it. Also the function of right clicking on a tank to show its stats no longer works.

  5. Well, after giving up on the process of the creation of a folder and config file as described above, one finally appeared and I noticed it while changing out my sixth-sense image. So that’s all good, but I still cannot right click a tank in the garage and view its statistics as before. Is there a setting in the config or is this an XVM issue?

  6. Very nice work, i was going to stop using the mod (left side bug was very annoying, since 8.11, i had the first 2 tanks showing partially or not at all) but v1.5 resolved all the problems. I’ve located the .cfg file and now this mod is a must have like before. Thanks!

  7. It seems the 1.5 version of carousel is filtering out “elite” tanks rather that only elite tanks. Is there a way to do both? 🙂

    1. Just change scaling factor at World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ModSettings\MultilinedTankCarousel.cfg

      “rowCount”: 2,
      “scaleFactor”: 0.9,
      “scaleTextFactor”: 1.1,

      1. There is no such folder in my installation. Should I create the folder and the file with those lines?
        I really want 2 rows instead of 3…

  8. I was hoping against hope but, …

    9.2 broke it. Launcher exits when installed without getting into game. Remove mod and game works fine. Hope this gets fixed soon. Very handy with big garage.

  9. the 9.2 patch is crashing the game at start up, I unistalled all mod and try it by it self and still crash. Please Fix, I love this mod

    1. The problem is ModSettingsAPI

      Delete ModSettingsPanel.swf and settingsWindow.swf from World_of_Tanks_CT\res_mods.9.1 Common Test\gui\flash and play only multilined carousel with out online settings until the owner make update
      Have fun enjoying in best mod for WoT :)))

  10. Nice mod!
    But I have one question.
    How am I supposed to change the config of the mod?
    I did what Zorz suggested and the mod is working, but I dont like the 3 columns.
    In the older version it was possible to simply change a config file, now u are saying something of online settings, what is meant by this?
    Thanks in advance for answers!

  11. I tried removing the two files Zorz mentioned but still the game still won’t launch with this mod installed. Guess I will wait for a fix.

  12. You need to rename the file “SettingsWindows(1).pyc” to “SettingsWindows.pyc” then it will work.

    Have fun 🙂

  13. You can only save the settings one time from the mod panel. then any changes will not save. and it gives a error about audio file damaged.

  14. Hi there.

    It seem that the “Elite”-tank sorting does not work. In my game, when i tick the elitetank, it REMOVES all elite tanks, instead of showing them..


  15. This is loads of crap. It’s version for 0.9.2 not 0.9.3.
    It doesn’t work they have changed the UI too much and the mod doesn’t work any longer…
    It needs updating.

  16. Hello!
    How do I get 4 rows?
    Last version the was a file “MultilinedTankCarousel.cfg” where I could configure the TankCarousel.


  17. When I install the latest version I see the space for multiple rows, but only one row is there (top). Other people seem to have it working OK. Any ideas anyone?

  18. On new 9.3 version. What’s up with having to select the tier you want then deselecting the old one….who in the right mind thought that was a good idea?

  19. take out or remove carousel.cfg from res_mods\xvm\configs\default and xvm-tcarousel.cfg from res_mods\xvm\mods. After that it should work if you use xvm with this mod and it didnt get you very far, xvm has their own settings for it and having both makes bleh
    good luck!

  20. How come the carousel removes the mastery badges? I use Aslain’s, but it worked before installation and not now?

  21. Alas it’s not updated…may never be. Oh woe is me with 70 tanks. There is a conflict with this mod and the sorta carousel incorporated into XVM anyway. XVM should stay XVM and leave the garage alone. With the filters this carousel is, or was, the best carousel in my opinion.

  22. I cannot unzip the file. Express zip does not recognize file and simply moves it to res_mods folder. WinZip has expired and I do not wish to purchase it.. other options? Also, it would be nice to have most recent posts at the top rather than the bottom.


    1. ok I have winzip now and when I extract the file I end up with
      9_5_Multilined_Tank_Carouselxvm3537_zip in my res mods and nothing works

  23. Please help. I cannot use xvm and I don’t want to.
    Is there a version which has been written which does not require the use of XVM?

  24. Hi I am running the latest aslains modpack .4.5.20 but when I use multi lined tank carousel my IS3 is missing from garage. Should I be posting this here or on aslains?

  25. This is just bu…sh..t this mod was orginaly xvm free (no xvm needed)
    many are trying to get ridoff xvm and trying to find mods that does not has anything to do with xvm!!!

    I realy hope that someone is doing carousel mod that has nothing to do with xvm and most important only filter that is very important is tier filter only if WG aply this filter in game, carousel mods no longer needed!

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