[1.6.1] Tomsa’s Contour Icons Mod (Patejl352, Jackhammer’s style)

Jackhammer’s Icon Contour Mod for World of Tanks. These icons made on the basis of “zuamgua style“. Icons tanks are compatible with World of Tanks 1.6.1



Contour Icons – Patejl352 –
Compatible with WoT version #30
Place wotmod file in “World_of_Tanks\mods\*version_folder*”


Contour Icons – Patejl352 – (5 Mb)

3 thoughts on “[1.6.1] Tomsa’s Contour Icons Mod (Patejl352, Jackhammer’s style)”

  1. LoRDa says:

    Don’t download. They mirror badly when assigned on the other team (reversed)

    1. Pepone69=6 says:

      The reverse team problem is depending on XVM you must modify manually your battle configuration file

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