[1.6.0] webium’s modpack v01

This mod pack will be very useful for every player World of Tanks. It includes only the most useful and informative mode. Author: webium. Compatible with World of Tanks 1.6.0

Date of updateDecember 10th, 2019
Actual for the patch1.7.0
Current version01
Size93 MB

Mod List:



webium-WOT-1.5.1-modpack-installer v01 (96 Mb)

  • 1.6.0 will be soon

134 thoughts on “[1.6.0] webium’s modpack v01”

  1. Bogdan says:

    No garage, no barracks, nothing in the main screen.

    1. ur jonson says:

      crashes and more crashes.. get your shit together whoever creates these mods

      1. WilleyPeet says:

        If you are having such problems you should uninstall the program and wait for an update or get a different one. There is no need to be so rude just because you dont know how to program.

        1. William says:

          Insert Meme *Your god dam right!*

      2. tuffkunt says:

        go buy a new computer shithead!!

    2. Plamen says:

      Same thing here. Come on guys, wake up!!

    3. Plamen says:

      After Installation, the game freezes at Loading Modules and nothing happens. As Bogdan says – Nothing on the main screen. Need to Uninstall to make it work. Any help???

      1. karlos says:

        descarga una version anterior y dentro de la carpeta resmod crea una carpeta 0.9.14 y ya esta

    4. aoaue says:

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  2. Anti Noob says:

    @ Bogdan

    You are noob, on install c,screen you have to chooice which options you want ,are you blind , cant you see options on pictures (XVM- Hangar -DP- Crosshair etc. etc.) Retard noob :XD 😀

    1. ur jonson says:

      youre an idiot

      1. tuffkunt says:

        ur jonson forget tanks and go play Farmville instead you idiot…

  3. Stu says:

    How do I disable enemy tank reload timer?

  4. kru says:

    Congratulations and thanks a lot for your work !
    I really like your modpack
    Do you know any way to translate it in french?

    1. frumpynickers says:

      google translate

  5. Denny says:

    Love the pack and ease of installation.
    In the most recent revision, I get a fatal installation error for the “GF engine sound with radio”. The error doesn’t affect play but I sure love the mod … it kinda sets a fun mood during the battles. As well the mod indicating hit direction isn’t working for me although I have it selected.
    All in all though it is a great pack and I appreciate the time and effort you put in to making our games a better experience.
    Thanks Tons

  6. Xeone says:

    Get error when installing the game : An error acourd when trying toread the sourch file: G:/games/world of tanks/res_mods/res/audio/* (get these errors in every one since 9,1, the mod works fine but some sounds are gone) Any tips?

  7. Horus says:


    my reload counter doesn’t work any more, keeps saying reloading (0) secs. Anyone else with this problem? Suggesstions? As allways, I love your mods Webium! great work again!

  8. lentayo says:

    my auto login does not show up or work, can anyone help with this please. 🙂

  9. boosney says:

    thanks for xvm i can play better

  10. SlickWilly says:

    Webiums Thanks for the great Mods the only thing that is messing up for me is the NA Clan Icons. I get a failure on the install for that. Any Ideas and Thank You.

  11. Ledhed says:

    I subscribed and encourage other to help . Its 3 Euro for me per month . Worth every penny

  12. joelice says:

    thank for the mod… but when I install it… my crew start talking non-English….. any help please..

    1. jhondoe says:

      In game settings, go to audio, and search for “crew audio” or something like that, and change it to standart

  13. Janbube says:

    Hi, i want download but me eset says beware virus!

    1. ThunderingIce1 says:

      I have used webiums for about a year and I have Norton’s best on my PC and it detects no issues. Whoever said that is either lying for attention OR they actually did get a virus and although they may think it was webiums, it was not. Perhaps they downloaded the wrong one or clicked on a tricky link. It is easy to do because the link you need to click to start the webiums download is not the first thing you see to click.

      (**Downloading Webiums Modpack the Safe Way**)

      Here is a couple of screenshots I took to show you all which link you need to click to begin the download… You will need to copy these and then paste them into your browser…

      Step 1- Google Search “Webiums Modpack 9.6”

      It’s the top link for me… make sure the names match for you…


      Step 2- Find the right link among all the misleading ones…

      Its a small blue link just under the video for the modpack (as you will see in the picture below) and the part you click on 1 time is “[0.9.6] webium’s modpack (43 Mb)”


      Hope this helps alot of people now and in the future with downloading this correctly.

  14. jopie_ says:

    its error :'(

  15. bart says:

    could you please add some tank racing skinns mods?

    i mean… who doesnt like a elc amx)* with a cool looking redbull sking or something

    )* or others

  16. Saskachuwan says:

    Will the teamspeak mod coming soon?

  17. tankilator says:

    i like the mod but is there anyway to get the reticle/armor pen indicator to be visible when locked on to an enemy?

  18. Carlos says:

    Hello, i have an error in the instalation
    It’s not compatible with 7 – 64bits ?

    Only works with 86 bits? Tks

  19. zaza says:

    neveraiatni modi dlia world of tanks

  20. Ibrahim_97 says:

    it works just great,but when i try to change sounds in game…my game crashes every time ,and i had to download whole game again 😛 fix the sound errors dude

  21. BBQJohn says:

    is it possible to get just the res_mod folder…I have a mac and cant use .exe files. any help will be appreciated.

  22. Francisco says:

    My friend uninstalled the game and lost all in game sound has that happened to anyone else he used something like curse client to install uninstall

  23. J says:

    Hey, every thing works well in the latest version of the mod pack. All except for the damage log. It doesnt show me who hit me and for how much. it just shows that i took a hit and lists it but not by who and the damage i took. can some one tell me how i can fix this? or where i can download one that works? Ive been using Svatekl2’s mod pack and everything worked well there, but he doesnt have the variety of hangermods and engin sounds this mod pack does. Same with Aslains mod pack.

    Ive looked at downloading a mod, but when i search and type in Detailed hitlog, it shows me mods for damage I DO instead of DAMAGE I TAKE. Other one’s are for damage panels which I am happy with. But none seem to show a damage log mod that i can install seperately. Preferably one that works with webiums modpack. Can you please help?

    1. corre says:

      Doesnt work… Game shot down instead to start battle.

  24. Bart says:

    after instalation 098 it wont join me to game. Stuck at loading.

  25. Omen says:

    i cant use this mode because i cant eter in the batle.. i need to uninstall it to enter in the batle.. please fix that

  26. Horus says:

    I normally always play with your MOD, but these last two mods won’t allow me into battle, complete freeze at start of battle and sudden killing of the game. Please fix! Keep up the good work!

  27. RST3V3 says:

    Autoéquip, no ok.

  28. RIckybe says:

    the modpack not work !. When you start a battle it is frozen

  29. just_call_me_norway says:

    I see that the trolls are active here too, please go back to your spot under the bridge og hide in a cave.

    These people need assitance to get things to work since they lack computerskills to install a mod that comes with an installer. The installer even has text and pictures of what the different mods will change, why bother to even type a reply if this is how you are gonna do it? To all the “noobs” out there that cant get this to work, how about google’ing the issue, read what other users have done to solve the issue? But before that you need to know how to use google search. This would be step one folks, learn how to use google search. There are many parameters you can add to your search to refine the search so that your results are more accurate and you spend less time scrolling through pages, also use the “search in page” function in your web-browser will shorten the time spent.

    Im gonna use RICKYBE as an example here, before you make a post like this please let the community know what you ticked and didnt tick off when installing the modpack. Have you updated your xvm? Is the modpack version you installed the latest one? What operating system do you have? Are your graphics drivers up to date? Is it only wot that is affected by this issue? so many things that you need to put in your post to make it possible for someone to help you.

  30. VV-Albator says:

    I have a problem of highlight in my IGR Garage and Miku Garage.

    Could you fix it ?

  31. wjschneider says:

    Can you tell us from whom do you get the BatCave? Thanks.
    Also, have you heard of the Great Wall Hangar?

  32. yceecube says:

    hello, i instaled the pack and it works fine, but when i enter a battle the time in battle not apears enymore, what i have to do?
    i need to see the time battle

  33. yceecube says:

    The pack works fine, but when i enter a battle i have no battle time
    What i have to do? I need to see the battle time

  34. hurja says:

    ahh thank you for 9.10 version so quickly, best modpack for Wot ever.

  35. St2evens says:

    Quand je lance le jeu, ça fonctionne mais des fois, mes parties se coupent et je dois relancer le jeu.

  36. Drake says:

    Latest version 0.9.10 v10.9.04 is now stable.

  37. Drake says:

    Info for website admins !!!

    I can not find a contact e-mail address if you would like to receive a partner info about the release new version. You can opt in to receive new information for partners and you will regularly receive information on versions.

  38. WilleyPeet says:

    The auto equip for binos & camo net locks up for me. I equip the camo net and/or binos to a few vehicles and then I can not open the equipment window or see what equipment each vehicle has. They all are the same and do not change from tank to tank even though I know I have different equipment on some tanks.

  39. WilleyPeet says:

    Update: When I get out of a battle I can once again check equipment modules and adjust some. I still get locked on them after I change a few and then go to battle and adjust some more when I come out. I can also log out and back in and do the same.

  40. MetalCoffin says:

    Mods are used at the players risk, some of them depending on which one such as Zoom out 40X factor are not legal in the NA servers but are on the European servers.
    It is your responsibility as the player to know what you are installing, if you don’t know what it may do then don’t use it. Put on the big person panties and move forward stop the endless complaining.
    Remember this is just a game and this is for free top use if you care to. No one is forcing you to…….

    Known incompatibility items and issues items:
    1. XVM is was causing game crashes and can cause game crashes going forward, it all depnds on your band width, and what the game and XVM are using, each machine is different. It is a proven fact under some conditions that XVM was and still may becausing game crashes randomly or was unless it has been fixed. If you have a problem research XVM and don’t point the finger at this mod package.

    2. Auto Equip no longer works because they( being the fine folks at WOT) changed the values used to identify the items (you’ll have to dig a round a little) to find the AutoEquip.xml file, then match up the tank and values you have loaded, they used to be all the same. Why ask the WOT folks why they were changed, I think it was for the graphics rendering my self. The person that is the owner of AutoEquip is Russian or from over there, you mostlikly will have to use Google translate if you need help. Bottom line is look it up in the WOT forums and don’t whine about it not working as you think it should.

    3.Webium has complied a set of mods, he doesn’t produce a lot of them. You need to find the owner if you have a problem with any of them. What Webium has done, like a lot of the mod packsdi is figured out the correct sequencing to create the XML files needed to allow the selected options to work together. This being said it’s not his fault the stuff don’t work on everyone’s machine the same.
    If you have a serious problem stop the complaining, uninstall WOT and reinstall it. You won’t loose any thing but sometime.

    Ok enough said, if you care to talk about it more contact me in game, usually nightly US East coast time and I’ll see about carving out some time to assist you. ( HINT HINT ask nicely)……….

    IN GAME ….. UP permission to fire,,,, FIre
    clan XBK – No Bull Knights

    1. WilleyPeet says:

      I apologize if it sounding like a complaint. I was merely trying to inform the person who made the mod of the issues I was having so that they could work on fixes. I have tried other mods from this site and this is my favorite one. I would be saddened if it were to go away.

  41. franki says:

    hey boys the ennemy relod time is down i see nod ennemy relod timer plys riper

  42. Matthew says:

    I am new to using this modpack and I played 2 games with it and love it. I play on the NA servers and want to know if of the mods webium has compiled are illegal on the servers I play on. Thanks for the info.

  43. blade316 says:

    PLS NOT DOWNLOAD, non stop lags, not normal play shit patch…

  44. Bane says:

    Great mod (9.12)

    Is there any way to get hit sounds in this mod? I mean sound when I am hit..currently there is nothing to alert me that I´m getting hit (only the HP-bar dropping).

    1. Onku says:

      To get the sound back remove CDP.pyc file from g:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.12\scripts\client\mods
      You won’t get list of received damage though. There is a problem with HitLog mod…

  45. TheLord says:

    Not compatible with WoT 9.13
    – radial menu not working

  46. pronkrug says:

    Since update 9.13.04 I cannot upgrade my tanks anymore. I can investigate them, but I cannot buy or install them.
    I have complely re-installed WOT and webium, but the issue remains.
    Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do?

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  48. Nikola Milutinovic says:

    Hello, im not sure if im doing something wrong but the modpack works wonderfully except for two things. I cant purchase tanks because the purchase button is blank, no words on the button. And secondly the weakspots skin that i turned on doesnt work for any tank except the sherman you play as in the tutorial? Please help

    1. chris says:

      same…i cant buy any tank because the purchase button is blank and i cant use any voice mods from it 🙁

  49. Landser says:

    The only problem i have is not being able to invite into platoon/accept invites in the match. Anyone know a solution?

  50. darryl says:

    Hi people

    love the modpack, awesome effort by all who made it.
    just one question. where do I find the link to update to new patch?
    I can find the installer but not sure where to find to update patch. any help would be grateful.

    Thanks again guys. awesome 🙂

    1. the wee baby shamus says:

      http://www.mywotmods.com/en/mods/mod-packs/item/10-webium-s-mods-pack boop here is link to the new mod pack
      have fun happy tanking
      love- the wee baby shamus-

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  53. TOFFEL says:

    why exe file (virus *cough*). at least provide a zip archive for the people with some copy and paste skills!

  54. tomas says:

    super mody

  55. ok032 says:

    I’ve investigated the case and it looks like the mission has been accomplished – congratulations! The reason why can’t see it on your client is most likely because of mods. Therefore, please delete them all, clear cache memory and try again. If the mission is still not reckoned, provide us with WGCheck report for further investigation..

  56. ramgul says:

    v.91.15.16 virüs detected

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  58. Filip says:

    For those who experience crashes, I did too. I meddled with It a bit, and when I disabled advanced auto aim ( I think that’s what it’s called, when you have a blue circle around the targeted enemy), the crashes stopped. Great mod pack!

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  60. Obnoxious1 says:

    Have been using Webiums mod since it first came out, excellent mod!!

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  62. 123dedo123 says:

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  70. trocsok says:

    I really like this modpack, but in the Kellerman’s sight the armor calcutar does not working for me.
    Any solutions?

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  73. Eddie Rojas says:

    Kind of garbage. I waited 50 minutes for about 1/3 of the download to finish. When I get back to my laptop it’s super sluggish, and the setup window, or whatever it is for the modpack installer isn’t responding at all.

  74. Lars says:

    No gun sounds 🙁
    Please fix.

  75. ef3x says:

    No Gun Sound’s 🙁 Pleas Fix fast . I love this Mod Pack and I need hm. thanks .

  76. Entranced says:

    Hi,no gun sound,how can i fix this ? thnx

    1. Sgt.Stiglitz@yahoo.com says:

      Tracer goes away evertime I install Aslains_WoT_Modpack. Wont uninstall fully either. Need to either delete the WOT GAME folder and reinstall fresh or trying now to install clean back up of WOT I copied before I installed Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer. Not seeing where you shoot is a real PIA. Love the Six Sense Duration, No Fog, if you can get it to work and hit director. Sometimes the new colored tank descriptions are Backwards on the Enemy side.

  77. skintracer says:

    is it not possible to put the modpacks in the update of the game?
    that you can make your own choice to select what modpack you want to use.
    and punkbuster on wot so when players use forbidden mods not can connect in wot.

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  82. william Wallace says:

    9.16.8 doesnt work with arty. no probs to get in battle, but u only can drive

  83. 8aeid says:

    what difference between mode v 9.16 and v 9.17 CT?

  84. Turo says:

    Aiming systems doesnt work at all.

  85. Lars says:

    WOT keeps crashing after installation of latest version. Cant get it to start even once. Works fine again after uninstalling.

  86. Noob says:

    It’s legal?

  87. lesbian says:

    obviously like your web site however you have to take a look at
    the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to inform the truth then again I will surely come back again.

  88. Landser says:

    Update your download servers. 31kb is taking forever. Did we go back in time or anything?

  89. Lars says:

    Nothing gets installed (no XVM or other mods in the game). Tried installing twice. Never had that problem before with this mod pack.

  90. Lou-Dog says:

    Seriously – Google Docs offers free storage space for hosting files and downloads. Amongst 1,000’s of other free hosting sites that have robust backbones to the grid, this one HAS to be hosted on an ancient ISDN line or perhaps Dual 56k “Shotgun” modems with a round-robin token exchange for rights to seize bandwidth.

  91. Lars says:

    Why is zoom-out installed when I unchecked that box?

  92. Michael says:

    If I buy a tank in tech tree as E25, I can get it?

  93. eCapter says:

    deleted by antivirus….

  94. eCapter says:

    installs a bunch of shit mods without asking and the possibility to disable = sucks ass

    1. eCapter says:

      and arty assistant doesnt work

  95. headline200 says:

    the mod who ever use it is it worth the download or Not !

  96. Lars says:

    I’ve tried this modpack for the last time. Still I get the irritating extra zoom out, even though it is not checked. Too bad, as this was a very good modpack with a convenient installer.

  97. mattias4 says:

    hey is it safe,

    my account got hacked ones,
    could they see my password or something like that?

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  100. skrjo says:

    Hello, why is latest modpack update 9.19.1 in common test version? It doesn’t work properly in game. Is there any fixes for that?

  101. aaa says:

    playerpanel size too small

  102. 8YT3M3 says:

    Thank You for being so responsive as to getting these updates out shortly after WOT has done theirs! You are awesome!

  103. jkofmiami says:

    Why does my Norton detect a virus in the mudpack download?

  104. 3d0g says:

    nice collection of mods. I especially like the realistic gun sounds mod. The ones that WG uses are pathetic.

  105. Web says:


    the commentsorting should be from new to past!

    Else we can not see how the newest reports about a mod are.


  106. GeeMod Fan says:

    Why is GeeMod missing on this Page?


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    Thank you for all your great project ideas.

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  110. Agent says:


  111. Adrian says:

    I installed the modpack, but it slows down login, freezes after the battle is over, pretty garbage…

  112. ThomasPah says:

    Приветик всем, я тут новенький “352”

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