[0.8.11] + XVM. MOD-PACK from Innota for WoT. 11.02.2014


Workers assembling mods
World of Tanks – Common Test
Assembling works only on the test server!
added xvm
Added improved chat interface
added installer

The list of modifications:
1. Sights:

2. Battle  interface by zayaz.


3. Commander’s chamber.
4. No scroll
5. Zoom x4.
6. Improved lighting.
7. Direction Indicator damage.
8. Quotes from Wiki WOT for skills of the crew.
9. White “dead” tanks.
10. SPGs & Destroyers Traverse

11. A drum cartridge
12. tactical tablet

Installation archive:
1. download the archive
2. Remove everything from the folder “res_mos”
3. Unzip the archive into a folder World_of_Tanks_CT / res_mods /


ModPack by Innot 0.8.11 (39 Mb)

7 thoughts on “[0.8.11] + XVM. MOD-PACK from Innota for WoT. 11.02.2014”

  1. reta09 says:

    hi, can you tell me which files are the spg and destroyer traverse? i need only that one, thanks for sharing anyway 🙂

    1. reta09 says:

      i found one, thanks 🙂

  2. Pethamenos says:

    There are some white lil squares above each tank any idea how to remove them?

  3. Ficarra says:

    I installed it, now it’s in Russian and wont zoom in

  4. innot says:

    All Russian, because I’m from Russia
    You can then update the modification

  5. davis says:

    I want english language.How can i get it ?

  6. Capercailye says:

    You need download LC_MESSAGES and replace.

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