[0.9.4] Transparent modpack

This mod will make your interface is transparent (see screenshots), both in battle and in hangar. Author: KillerEnte94


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This mod will remove following visual elements:

– Wargaming, Bigworld and Steam-Logo at the login window //logos.swf
– The header beside the “Battle” button in the garage //lobby.swf
– Crew panel in your hangar gets transparent //crew.swf
– Lower tank scrollbar becomes transparent //TankCarousel.swf + messengerBar.swf
– The infopanel of your current tank shown transparent //hangar.swf
– Tutorial book and panel upper left corner removed //lobby.swf
– Ammuntion, equipment and stuff is now transparent //AmmuntionPanel.swf + advanced.swf
– Transparent crew ranks in the left crew panel + transparent icon for missing crewmember //gui\maps\icons
– The tank stats column on the right //gui\gui_settings.xml

– Game awards and the intro video (while starting the game) //Logo_All.usm + loading_award.png
– Transparent players panel at the left and right + Removed shadow (behind battle countdown) //PlayersPanel.swf + BattleTimerBig.swf
– Clear battle score board on the top //fragcorrelation.swf
– Functional and clean Damagepanel by GambitER v2 //Damagepanel.swf + DamagePanel.xml
– Scope shadow remover //gui\avatarinputhandler.xml

– Removes the background; Improves nation selection (orange color behind flag on left side) //techtree.swf

Recommend for player using a low resolution and desire a clear view at their hangar.

ATTENTION FOR ADDON: Disabling the tank stats column on the right via “gui_settings.xml” will also disable
the tank stats in the techtree!!!


Transparent Modpack 9.4 (3 Mb)

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