[0.9.22] Received Damage Announcer

Very useful mod that shows who shot at you, even if the opponent was not seen. Besides mod shows cooldown of enemy guns. In addition, the mod displays how much time is left before the next shot the enemy. Author: Omegaice & Elkano


– Announces to the team who damaged you and how much when a team mate attacks you
– Displays a message when you are hit of who attacked you

Friendly Hit:


Enemy Hit:



Upd: 07.02.2018 Fixed all the bugs


  • Folder “res_mos” put to the root of the game


53 thoughts on “[0.9.22] Received Damage Announcer”

  1. sw40ve says:

    it doesnt tell you the type of round be fired at you it shows the image of it but doesnt have apcr or ap or he next to it in () it does do (GG) but upside down

  2. Charlie010 says:

    Under 9.0 leaving files in …res_mods.9.0\scripts\client makes game to crash. Which is the right folder for scripts to work now?

  3. baron says:

    any1 have idea when ready 9.0 mod ?

    1. razvan says:

      i saw that is not illegal any more. i wrote that in your link

  4. Josc says:

    That version seems to mess up the crew voices. With the mod installed all voices are Russian regardless of tanks used.

  5. monkeybutt says:

    This is illegal per WG as of 4/16/14

  6. Traveling_Buffoon says:

    when i put this in res mods my whole crew on german tanks speak russian lol

  7. Raf von Thorn says:

    Just delete vehicle.pyc file and you crews will be free from russian oppresion :).

  8. Mára says:

    Hello, not working for me and i dont know why. I have it in scripts/client.
    Anyway thanks for great mod i have been using for long time and enjoying it.

  9. fwt says:

    can i change the message when they teamdmg you? i tried but crashed

  10. StyleZ says:

    Does not work in 9.2

  11. warren1960 says:

    Will not load into game for 9.3 is hanging on start up !

    1. wiewio says:

      Thats true. Fix it please.

    2. tymib12 says:

      seams like its not updated yeat, the person updating this site is stupid to think that it works in 9.3 with version from 9.2

    3. George says:

      it’s not working for 9.3, is hanging on start up for me too.
      Do something it was usefull in 9.2

  12. FoxKhan says:

    Yes, same problem here!

  13. NicuGH says:

    is this working for 9.3?
    when I install it and try to play a game, the game crashes at the start, when the match is loading and u have the both teams displayed…
    pls help, I rly like this mode and I can’t find another 1 like it…

  14. razvan says:

    The mod isn’t working very well for update 9.3.

  15. Jovan says:


    can you update this mod for 9.3 version of game???


  16. TheMadTankR says:

    Yeah…maybe best to shop for mods elsewhere. Seems these people are claiming updated just to drive traffic to this site…bogus

  17. Charlie says:

    It isn’t really updated to 9.3!! Folder in archive is named 9.2 and it doesn’t work at all in 9.3!!!

  18. eiffel says:

    https://tanksmod.com is a shit website ! it renames mods without testing compatibility !!!

  19. Deimnos says:

    Guys, 9.4 does not show the Tank/ round etc info about people that are not spotted. Is that worked into the functionality to make it legal, or is that a bug? How can i get info on non spoted targets like in previous versions?

  20. Fidel says:

    Not working at all in 9.5 here.

  21. When i download it the the file says 9.4

  22. PlayToKill says:

    Hey man, when is your mod gonna be ready? I love this char bar mod, really helpful in trolling unicums 😀

    Looking forward to the 9.5 version!!! ^_^

  23. Charlie says:

    Despite 9.4.0 folder it works somehow under 9.5 too, except about friendly hits announcement. Please fix it.

  24. really says:

    why does it say 9.4 in the res mods folder

  25. Pat says:

    can this mod work on the Asia sever?

  26. xylit says:

    in patch 9.6 file vehicle.pyc remove red silhouette tank, just delete it

  27. hA says:

    It doesnt work in 9.6 (SEA server). Pls make it work. Thank you very much.

  28. recreation says:

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  29. Scott says:

    Again doesnt work for 9.8…what a shitty web

  30. olivo says:

    It does not work for the 9.8 (UE server)

  31. Anon says:

    Doesn’t work with 9.8

  32. Fozzy says:

    v2.51 doesn’t work : battle freeze at loading.

  33. Fox2465 says:

    Tried mod on its own and doesn’t work nor does it work with other mods on EU server

  34. LibErty says:

    Doesn’t work with tis 9.8 patch. The game is running, but the loading picture is stay for the battle. 🙂
    Plz repair this mod. We like it, because it’s simple and good before. 🙂

    1. Obsidian_Rose says:

      I have the same issue, stuck on loadingscreen after battle starts, only happens when i have this mod installed

  35. Zaharta says:

    Yep, it doesn’t work!!!. We’ll have to wait till the next update of the mod

  36. Paulo says:

    It doesnt shows the tank and player name when the tank who fired at you is hidden. Please fix that

  37. Luis says:

    have to put the .json file as well

  38. JEFF says:

    Was a great mod.
    New update has fixed bug where we couldnt get into the game. However the mod only shows damage taken from spotted enemies or at least not all enemies.

  39. Dave says:

    I still cant get past the loading screen with version 2.6

  40. Tchernobyl says:

    Great mod. Update please.
    Invisible enemies who don’t do damage are not displayed.

    1. Obsidian_Rose says:

      Invisible emenies that hit and do damage is not displayed either

  41. ATK says:

    +1 Dave. Game get frozen in the loading screen. Cant play with this mod, plz fix it. Thks in advance.

  42. xXelou29Xx says:


    I just want to know if this mod is legal on EU server because i see on a forum that see who hit you when he isn’t spotted is illegal and also the cooldown so i want to be sure than i wouldn’t be ban if i use this mod.

  43. ATK says:

    Lite version doesnt work.

  44. Chucklehead tanker says:

    how to make it English? everything is in Russian…it works well with lastest update

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