[0.8.10] Mod “Stalin Remover”

Maud removes / replaces inscriptions Stalin on various tanks. The mod is compatible with 0.8.10 update. Author: KawaGreen







Unzip contents of folder in …\res_mods\0.8.10


8.10 Remove stalin inscriptions

8.10 Replace stalin inscriptions

3 thoughts on “[0.8.10] Mod “Stalin Remover””

  1. Ben Jay says:

    Im sorry but what I the point of this??
    makes no sense why would you want to remove an ingame item??

    1. Xmace says:

      I would say its probably as a silent protest as your are not allowed to use/mention/name any Germans from the WWII and I would agree when hitler is not mention then stalin should also not be there since he is the worst mass murder in history.

  2. Andari Voom says:

    Xmace you are dumb as fuck… they didnt use the sfastica on tanks… german tanks and i think planes has other logos on them

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