[0.8.10] Mod “Stalin Remover”

Maud removes / replaces inscriptions Stalin on various tanks. The mod is compatible with 0.8.10 update. Author: KawaGreen







Unzip contents of folder in …\res_mods\0.8.10


8.10 Remove stalin inscriptions

8.10 Replace stalin inscriptions

3 Replies to “[0.8.10] Mod “Stalin Remover””

    1. I would say its probably as a silent protest as your are not allowed to use/mention/name any Germans from the WWII and I would agree when hitler is not mention then stalin should also not be there since he is the worst mass murder in history.

  1. Xmace you are dumb as fuck… they didnt use the sfastica on tanks… german tanks and i think planes has other logos on them

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