[0.9.8] kodos xvm-minimap only

Informative minimap of Kodos Mod-Pak. Upd: 29.05.2015



-50m Spotting Circle
-Tank Names
-Platoon Member Nick Names
-Last Position Marker
-max. Arty Range

-max. Draw Distance
-max. Tank View Range


Content placed in a folder with the game: World of Tanks \, confirming the replacement.


kodos-minimap-hitlog-0.9.8.zip Torrent LINK

kodos-minimap-only-0.9.8-V-1.0.zip Torrent LINK


kodos-minimaponly-0.9.8-V-1.1(9.5 Mb)

kodos-hitlog-panelAT-minimap-0.98-V-1.1 (29 Mb)

65 Replies to “[0.9.8] kodos xvm-minimap only”

  1. this mod is BAD! need more improvement…

    Cant see the health status of all players… just loading 35%

    Dont know if they are dying or in full health.. also.. it is much better if we can see the Enemy gun pointing at…

  2. Ahoj, strašně mi chybí, že nevidim kam nepřítel aktuálně míří, už bez toho ani neumím hrát. Poradíte někdo co musím kde udelat aby to začlo ukazovat?

  3. aaa omlouvam se za spam, ted jsem si vsiml ze to kam nepritel miri je samostatny mod. Uz to tam mam a funguje to, super. Ses borec kamo

  4. I found the tank name is missing on the team panel, the list used to be on the left and right side during the battle that you can switch options of the information shown. However, the tank name is missing. Anyone got the same problem? Or it could be an option somewhere in the settings?

  5. this mod is good, but still have some additional features like HP bar, damage fly up… etc .

    Can you make a pure feature for this mod as you said above ?

    it means only the minimap …

    -50m Spotting Circle
    -Tank Types
    -Last Position Marker
    -max. Arty Range
    -max. Draw Distance
    -max. Tank View Range

    and nothing else.

  6. Samostatny mod minimapy s xvm je super a moc dekuji. Ale ostatni moznosti s hitlogem a ATpanelem buguji zvuk pri obdrzenem zasahu, proste nedela zadny zvuk. Clovek ani nevi ze dostal zasah. 😀

  7. Thanks for fast update, 2 things are missing and one i really use: the tank names in players panel (symbols don’t tell me which tanks are left in the battle and which are allready killed) and the player names above tanks. Hope you’ll fix that too.

  8. Já potřebuji vidět, co to je přesně za typ tanku v bitevním přehledu. Ne pouze ikonu a jméno toho kterýho debila, který ho jede…

  9. I just installed ‘kodos-minimaponly-0.9.0-V-1.0’ and have a little trouble.
    The list of players on both sides only shows player’s names, can’t change to tank’s names.

  10. Proč se při mapě změní i panel ikon (nejde v něm vidět typ vozidla) a značky nad tanky. Není někde jen čistá minimapa + hitlog bez těchto změn?

  11. Hi,

    great mod! But I have one question. With the update 9.0 I can only see the player’s names, but not the name of the tank type. How can I change that?

    Thank you

  12. Suggestion:
    *both minimaps with hitlog+panelAT are bugged – no hit sounds
    *i dont like minimap icons with nicknames, too mishmash – i prefer only tank types
    *i need see exact tank types in side player panel, not only icons

  13. Does anyone know what is the difference between the 3 download links?

    (Pls answer like this so it is easy for me to understand:)
    1st link: (Difference with others)
    2nd link: (Difference with others)
    3rd Link: (Difference with others)


  14. Great mod compilation !!! Keep up the good work. I use kodos-hitlog-panelAT-minimap and it improves my gameplay significantly.

    dat mod

  15. Minimap only? So why i see xvm-crew, xvm-hangar, xvm-profile, etc. in folders? All shit i don’t need is included in this mod..

  16. 9.2: First tab on result screen has wrong position of the first listed enemy tank. No other problem, I like this mod. Thanks.

  17. How to do what do not show big map, when press Ctrl button, because i want to use together with Damage panel by zayaz… Thanks 🙂

  18. Great mode! One of the best modes ever. Simple without useless nonsense, right on the spot. Thank you for the frequent updates and time spent!

  19. it’s ok but i don’t like the arranagement of tank, the minimap block the componets of the tank and speedometer on right side, and the tank’s life is to long.10x

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