[0.9.17] Translucent damag panel + MoD: clock, fps, ping

Translucent panel damage created by the players and Zayaz KobkaG.


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She seemed to be divided into two parts. The first part – it damages the panel itself, and the second – modules that have been brought to the center of the screen (below). In addition, another player “marsoff” specifically for this panel made ??new icons ping, FPS and actually watch. The mod is compatible with World of Tanks 0.9.17. shot_029



Unpack the archive here: WoT \

Be sure to install fonts


DP_KobkaG_V1.6_0.9.17 (2) – For PC (319 Kb)

DP_KobkaG_V1.6_0.9.17 (1) – For laptop (319KB)

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  1. The first version of this panel was made by me on the basis of the panel Zayaz.A author of this panel is not Zayaz and GambitER.

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