[0.8.9] Effectiveness Mod Pack

16 different mods you can download and install in one click. Player Rafael09ED gathered them all in one MOD PACK. So enjoy.



J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod:

Deegies Sights Reworked by SOULZA: 3

MeltyMap’s MathMod:2


MeltyMap’s MathMod
Accurate Damage Indicator
HD Minimap Mod
In Garage Clock
Improved Lighting Mod
XVM stats + Damage counter + HP tracker
Colored Messages
Victory Day Garage
Locastan’s Service Record Statistics
Battle Loading BG Tactical Maps
No Scope Shadow
Server Side Reticule
?Blackshot’s Enhanced Damage Panel
GnomeFather’s Historical Gun
Optional: Deegies Sight WORKING BY SOULZA
Optional: J1mB0’s Crosshair



–  Copy file to your “World_of_Tanks” folder


Mod Pack + Deegies Sights Via SOULZA  v 2.1.0 (120 Mb)

Mod Pack + J1mB0’s Crosshair  v 2.1.0 (120 Mb)


Mod Pack + MeltyMap’s Sights (113 Mb)

8 Replies to “[0.8.9] Effectiveness Mod Pack”

  1. Not a bad simplification of the mod pack page!, Too bad the link are not monetized for me nor are they updated

  2. tried to install but doesn’t work – when in garage, the tank carousel is not visible nor any crew members for the one tank showing in the middle. also, when click on barracks or garage, all i get is a neverending “updating tankers…” message. I extracted this into the main World of Tanks folder. is this correct?

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