[0.9.18] WOT-FPS: First-person view, disable stabilization, Multi Zoom

Hello everyone,

This mod is still in development, there are bugs. However, you can try.

On faster machines just scared. As the need for speed, with a gun.

1 (1)

On heavy tanks gradually and pleasant, there is a sense of the big powerful machine.
Especially fun in cars with rear-mounted implements. It can be seen as in front of you is a huge belly.

2 (1)


Unpack the archive into a folder 0.9.18


wot-fps-12.05.2017 (10 Kb)

12 thoughts on “[0.9.18] WOT-FPS: First-person view, disable stabilization, Multi Zoom”

  1. qwerty45566 says:

    The mod only partially works, the turret and gun are not shown. Also the view is not offset.

  2. sherwitt says:

    I tried this in 0.8.6 and it worked well. I tried it in 0.8.7 and I agree with the post above. Turret isn’t shown being offset. It still dead center on tank. Is this suppose to work with any sight/crosshair set up ?

  3. rogueHysteria says:

    Any chances of this getting updated to 8.9?

  4. Cody says:

    where to put what’s in the archive?

  5. UBojca says:

    everithing was nice . 8.11 patch and dont working anymore help?

  6. tom says:

    will this be updated for 9.0? because i really like this mod 😛

  7. Skully19 says:


  8. Predator says:

    W T F just LOVE this mod and not working from i think 8.11 or what ? -.- fuck my life DAMN GET THIS MOD WORKING
    for 9.2

  9. andrew says:

    Is there going to be an update anytime soon?

  10. Calv says:

    This mod is fantastic! Really like it!

  11. DDF says:

    Why didn’t show the gun when in aiming mod?
    if shown, that will be awesome

  12. Cherry says:

    Aww I was so glad that it worked again for 9.18 but obviously doesn’t work any longer for 🙁

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