[0.9.1] chr1schi´s modpackage v.0.9

Great mod pack for World of Tanks 0.9.1. Author: chr1schi. All mods prepared for 9.1 or rebuild.


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Mod list:

1. xvm full 5.3.1
2.damage panel with firesound and a reversed damage log
3. advanced xvm damagecounter
4. !!!autofire!!!
5. crewloader
6. hangar clock
7. coloured icon mod
8. Jimbos crosshairs incl. shell travel time und swivel range indicator
9. accurate damage indicator
10. max zoom out camera mod for a better cam view distance
11. max fairplan mod
12. xvm minimap
13. no shadow  in zoom
14. no WG introvideo
15. visible railcarts mod


installation instructions
– Delete your resmods directory in the WOT main directory
– Copy the complete content from the rar file in the wot main directory


chr1schi–s.modpackage.9.1.Version.0.9 (13.4 Mb)

Optional addons:
hitzone skins
soundmod steel foxes

28 thoughts on “[0.9.1] chr1schi´s modpackage v.0.9”

  1. Necii says:

    can u provide link for infopanel in english. tnx


    How do I remove the black panel of players and max zoom?

  3. jeibee says:

    I just installed the pack on top of p8.6; great compilation, works, tx a lot!

    However, the game client now uses German language, even when I launch the game using WoT’s own launcher and not xvm-stat.exe. And in the WoT launcher English is configured.

    So, there is probably some setting inside XVM that I didn’t discover although I went through the many config files? Or what else do I have to do to get English back?

    Tx a lot.

    1. razorms says:

      Where do you put the capture bar download?

  4. jeibee says:

    Just to follow up on my question; I figured it out. I copied the files in the “English Fix” in the wrong folder. 😐 Now everything’s back in English. 🙂

  5. Harpooner says:

    Lieber Chrischi,
    Super Mods von dir bisher – aber diesmal l?ufts nicht richtig rund – sorry
    Habe Texte auf Deutsch, im Gefecht sinds auf Englisch und wennst die Base einnimmst
    habe ich oben beim Zeitbalken alles in Kyrillisch – cool 3 Sparchen – ein Spiel
    F?r mich waren die im 8.5er Mod angegebenen Symbole f?r die Tanks inkl. der Tierangabe sympatisch – fehlen jetzt komplett. Kann man da was machen bzw. funzt der alte Mod auch
    in der 8.6 Version – wenn man ein wenig was ?ndert ?

  6. carolares says:


    Great collection, but i have a small problem. XVM ain’t showing me the stats (percentages) on players while in battle. In menu XVM works on my stats and everything else, but in battle no stats percentages are shown on players. I followed the instructions precisely and can’t figure out why XVM doesn’t show me the stats on players. (i have dokan library installed)

    Thank you

    1. linak says:

      make sure you have dokan library

  7. carolares says:

    Hi there again,

    Stats are working now, but i found another issue regarding some translated text.

    The text displayed on the base capture bar is in RUSSIAN even though I applied the english fix.
    Can you please tell me how can I modify capture bar’s text to english ? it really bugs me not having that text in english.

    Thanks again

  8. carolares says:

    well i figured out how to change the capture bar config to display text in english. thanks

  9. Zane says:


    can i somehow turn the colorblind mod on? This is great mod pack, but i have problem with “only-red” enemy.

    Thank you

  10. bongripperKGB says:

    how do i shut off autofire?

  11. Mikuma says:

    Pls Update Ur Modpack to 0.8.7 Pls 😉

  12. JuhaP says:

    Some of mine txt.s are in german even that I downloaded english file.


  13. maikel says:

    why cant i downlaod this i only downlaod a freaking zip program , can some one give me a link please

    1. Hasenrudel says:

      Use the Download links:


      Chr1schis.Modpaket.0.8.7.Version.1.0.eng (29 Mb)

      Chr1schis.Modpaket.0.8.7.Version.1.0.a.de (29 Mb)

  14. francisque_91 says:

    Grand merci du fin fond de la France!
    Great thanking from deepest France!

  15. Hasenrudel says:

    Great Job, i Love you Mod Pakage, but in the German Version, the Zoom, doesn?t Work.
    Can you fix it?

    1. Robin says:

      doesn’t work for me 2

      1. chr1schi says:

        This is the noscroll mod. You can deactivate this with this settings here!


  16. how to activate or use the ‘autofire’ ?

  17. colecash says:

    how can i shut down the voice messages like “first blood”, “triple kill” and so on? can someone help me there?

  18. Toppermannen says:

    When You gonna insert the damage meter with info about what shell hits me and who fired ????

    I miss that soo much !!!!

    Otherwise a superb package ! Like it much !!!!!

  19. Giofalcon says:

    Chr1schi Thanks for your very useful mod that now follow from different versions of WOT! I wanted to ask you something: why in the loading screens matches the indication of the maps is in the Russian language? What can I do to see the maps written in Italian?

  20. IGGGOR says:

    Hi ! This mod pack is the best mod pack 🙂 but in this mod pack for version 0.9.0 in minimap I dont have lines for max view and signal range. I dont know why?

  21. dec0yable says:

    How can i enable the minimap because with me the line of sight the range the drawing range and so on aren’t enabled in which config file and where can i change this?

  22. konerios says:

    where the chr1st it will updated for 0.9.2 ???
    i want to play wotttttttttt

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