[0.9.8] Vitiris Golddetector Pack v.1

A small but very useful ModPack by vitiris. Besides mod shows what types of shells fired opponent. Compatible with update 0.9.8



Image 1


Damage Panel

Received Damage Announcer


Chat history (enter + scroll)


Copy the “res_mods” folder into your WoT directory


LAMP_Damage_Panel (500 Kb)

19 Replies to “[0.9.8] Vitiris Golddetector Pack v.1”

  1. Hmm… Seems that this mod isn’ work well (at least on my account)- it doesnt show infos which were shown “in the chat”- like enemy gun reload, whole magazine reload etc…

    1. One more thing- how to change language? When i installed this mod last time (9.1) every words eg: enemy reloaded, no damage were in english. Now its different language which i dont understand.

    1. It works on my system, my friend!

      Do you use any other mods? Maybe there is a problem in there…

      Clear yours res_mods folder and copy again the golddetector files, if you like…

      I also use a “safe shot” mod and someone must be careful in res_mods folder installation.

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