[0.9.8] SF’s Complete mod pack

SF’s mod pack consists only of the best mods: XVM + Damage Panel + Minimap + Session stats + Reticle. Build updated to 0.9.8. Author: SeaFalcon. Upd: 14.06.2015


Shown by holding the ‘alt’ key c6RURlQ


YasenKrasen Session stats
J1mbo’s reticle mod
Locastans minimap
– GambitER damage Panel

1 2 3


– Copy the res_mods folder over the one in your world of tanks directory.
– Copy the res folder over the one in your world of tanks directory (contains the audio files for ammorack & fires)


9.8.1 SeaFalcon Complete modpack (7 Mb)

7 Replies to “[0.9.8] SF’s Complete mod pack”

  1. Why doesnt the Color Blind Mode work with this mod????? ;( I luv it but this lil fault makes it unplayable for me 🙁 Would be extremely happy if you guys could fix that.


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