[0.9.2] Paradox’s ModPack



ModPack by __Paradox__ for World of Tanks 9.2. ModPack consists of 20 modifications. All mods informative and functional.


Tech Hangar
Deegie’s Sight Mod
GnomeFathers engines V0.492 without radio
HRMOD Gun Sounds v1.862
[0.9.2] Color Messages and Session Stats
[0.9.2] BattleMessenger – chat filter & antispam 2.6
Clock in Hangar
XVM Tank Minimap Ranges v1.8 (0.9.2)
[0.9.2] locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 3 (just the HD minimaps used from this mod)
Received Damage Announcer v1.9 (0.91)
[0.9.2] Multilined TankCarousel (locastans mod for 9.2) v1.1
Autoloader shells left in drum shown on ammo buttons mod.
[0.9.2] InfoPanel
English Crew Skill Tips in garage 9.0
Artw0lf’s reticle with “Shell pen/Armor thickness”.

Zoom-out mod.
“Circonflexes / Jingles / Dreamteam” Voice Mod Pack
XVM 5.3.3
[0.9.2] J1mB0’s Contour Icon Mod





Copy the “res_mods” folders into your “..\World_of_Tanks\” folder
and let it overwrite the files.



Paradoxs-Modpack (81 Mb)

Paradoxs-odpack (Dual server reticle version) (81 Mb)

6 thoughts on “[0.9.2] Paradox’s ModPack”

  1. LeOp2A6rD says:

    hmm…check the downloadlinks!!! doesnt work….

  2. Togno99 says:

    Very good modpack 😉
    (It will be best without multilined tank carousel) 😉

  3. EpicFleshAddict says:

    very good and cool it looks like its from the future awesome.Like the tank sounds

  4. Marcin says:

    hmm…check the downloadlinks!!! doesnt work….

  5. Drew says:

    Which one is the download link for all of the mods in the pack? Thanks!

  6. lentayo says:

    Looks Awesome and would luv to download but the links don’t seem to work, can you pls fix this?

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