[0.9.15] Xft DamagePanel + integrated hitlog v0.22

Xft DamagePanel for World of Tanks 0.9.15 by Xft. Very beautiful and informative DamagePanel + integrated hitlog.


Feature list:

— Vanilla damage panel;
— Fire icon and message;
— Fire sound alarm;
— Animated damage messages;
— Custom damage received log;
— Custom hit log (XVM only);
— Total amount of damage and hits received;
— Damage amount received and type of shell;
— Received hits: ricochet, critical hit, damage, etc.;
— Attacker tank type, player name;
— Total amount of damage and hits fired;
— Type of damage done and hp left in all enemy tanks.

— Two versions / hitlog placement;


Download and unzip the archive

Copy the “res_mods” folder to: “….WoT”

Note: The hit log only works if you have the XVM


Xft IntegratedDamageLogs0915_v0.22a (250 Kb)

70 thoughts on “[0.9.15] Xft DamagePanel + integrated hitlog v0.22”

  1. Provari says:

    Damage Panel and Damage log work fine but Hitlog is not showing.

    1. From-Hellscream says:

      the same 🙁 plz fix

      1. Bob says:

        you need xvm to see the hitlog

        1. r1pp says:

          I do have XVM, and still there is damage panel, and damage log but there is no Hit log.. Someone please help with this.

      2. Alex Davis says:

        Email steps for installing at “davis.aj@comcast.net; davis.aj2001@gmail.com‘ thanks

    2. Alex Davis says:

      I need help on installing email me the steps at “davis.aj@gmail.com” thanks.

  2. NiceBigHead says:

    Just installed it.
    Works very nice, very intuitive!
    Thanks, guys!

  3. matelong says:

    hello.. great damage panel, but i have a problem. Panel is located in the center of a screen.. is there any option to move it away ?

    1. Dominik says:

      moj kamoš mal tiež ten prblemale to bolo tym že mal male rozlišenie monitoru .:)

    2. pivopija says:

      same problem , any solution?

    3. Simson says:

      edit “<location x =" under these 3 lines(DamagePanel.xml file)

  4. raf says:

    How to change position of received damage log to closer to damage panel? Becasue is on center of the screen. Anyone can help?

  5. TheVrah says:

    Update to version 9.1 please

  6. TheVrah says:

    Update to version 9.1 please.

  7. hidden 1 says:

    and version 9.1 which will damage the panel?

  8. No name says:

    9.2 please!

  9. Teis says:

    Please Update to 9.2
    this is one of my fav mod of all time so please update 😀

  10. Pricie says:

    Hi There,

    Love this Mod. <3

    Is there anyway to get the part of the mod that tells you shell type when it hits your tank on its own? I already have a list of damage done to the enemy, but would really like shell and damage received message that flashes up as it happens.

    Hopefully this is possible 🙂

    Many thanks,


  11. Nufi37 says:

    Please update to 0.9.3 dude, im still waiting this damage panel mod

  12. Teld says:

    Update for 0.9.3 pls

  13. syntaxtr says:

    pleae up to 9.3

  14. DM says:

    I want to you to know that your mod is fantastic. My friends and I have been using them for a long time. 9.4 update is out now and we are looking forward to your updated version of this. Thanks!

  15. JesseKnight2000 says:

    The mod works just fine as usual , thank you 🙂

  16. ghost01221 says:

    where can i found update to 9.6?????

  17. Simson says:

    How can i disable text that is in blue circle?
    Screenshots links are below

  18. Snow says:

    I wan’t this hitlog… not xvm. How can I change to this?

  19. dejavu says:

    i waiting this mod version 9.8 !
    you can fix it ?

    1. rafal says:

      This is the best hit log damage panel, I wait for him to 9.8

  20. Hozsa says:

    Yes best damage panel ever so please fix it to 0.9.8 !!!!

  21. Vint says:

    Would be really nice if you could update this for 9.8

  22. emre says:

    update 9.8 !!!!

  23. Dude says:

    Yeah ……… i cant w8 anymore DO IT NOW !!!!! Update to 9.8

    Peschi 🙂

  24. Hozsa says:

    Thank you for updating this for 0.9.8 one question though! noticed that hit timer is gone are you adding this feature later?

  25. marod says:

    thx for the update
    Hitlog works fine but no damage panel
    my xvm is up to date

  26. Player says:

    Hi, best damage panel i ever seen!
    thx for update, hitlog and damage panel works fine, but hit timer and repair timer doesnt work. could you fix it? especially for (micropatch 02.06.2015)? would be fine, thx a lot!

  27. WAGNER says:

    This MOD use OK? ”Attacker tank type, player name” MOD mustn’t use on forum.

  28. sorensch says:

    (for 0.9.9)
    In texts.xc some lines refer to files in xvm://res/xfticons/ but this does not seem to be included in the .zip
    As a result, enemySpottedMarkers does not work.

  29. Jeogiyp says:

    I demand an update for 9.10 of this wonderful mod

  30. Konstantin says:

    Cannot get it working on 9.12. Cannot find similarly good mode.

  31. Jeogiyo says:

    I demand an update for 9.12 of this wonderful mod

  32. Alex Davis says:

    Downloaded the mod. Got confused on our to install. Like some steps on how to download and install please. Hope to get it downloaded soon. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Alex Davis says:

      Email is “davis.aj@comcast.net” just as you see it. Thanks.

  33. jeogiyo says:

    I demand an update for 9.13 of this wonderful mod

  34. Konstantin says:

    huh, working in 9.13 🙂

      1. jack says:

        yes, i got since 1 hour 9.13

        1. Comander zand says:

          how? I cant get it? why dosent it work.

  35. Comander zand says:

    Hello! I absolutely LOVE this hit log, like i cant play world of tanks without it it just helps me so much to know who hit me and with what! but you know what sucks? That this mod is not UPDATED!!!!!! Please update it so we can all use it in 9.13.

  36. povilas says:

    Sorry i made everything u said but mod is still not working who can help me plz make short video tutorial…

  37. Konstantin says:

    We demand an update for 9.14 of this wonderful mod

  38. jeogiyo says:

    I demand an update for 9.14 of this wonderful mod

  39. johnny says:

    when will this mod support 9.14?

  40. u2020bullet says:

    9.14 version incoming? 🙂 Hitlog works from 9.13 but no received damage.

  41. ElectroFusion says:

    Please, make non-xvm version.
    I can see Damage panel and Damage log but not the Hit log.

  42. al says:

    “Damage Done” is not shown in the screen… It might be disabled?

  43. Vkr says:

    (Ver. 0.9.14) Damage Received not work, hitlog is work. So how can i fix it? Thanks

  44. Velkan says:

    Great mod!
    The Best damage log ever.
    Continue with the great work guys!

  45. Kaiadas says:

    Hi mate, when u gonna fix the new damage panel for the ????

  46. Rico says:

    hitlog is not working any help with that?

  47. psyartax says:

    hello! when updae to 9.15.1 ? plz fix the version…! thank you

  48. LI QIAO says:

    pls update 9.15.1!!! thanks!!

  49. SpaceRanger1 says:

    Please get your 9.15.1 Mod online????!!!The best one in the game!!!!!!!!!

  50. psyartax says:

    plz if you can update to… its very good mod, Thenx…!!!

  51. jony says: pls!!!

  52. psyartax says:

    9.15.2 update plz…!!!

  53. SgtKokken says:

    Dont think he will continue this mod…

  54. SpaceRanger1 says:

    Best MOD out and your gonna bail out on us????

  55. Deham says:

    installed with 9.16 game and hitlog not showing. XVM installed. No other damage panel installed.
    Please help!

  56. malibu.pw says:

    Excellent, what a webpage it is! This weblog gives helpful data
    to us, keep it up.

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