[] SFs Damage received log


Damage log from the player SeaFalcon – Returns! The basis of this mod was taken and translated into the official Damage Panel from GambitER

Compatiable with normal XVM and Kodos‘ XVM. Author: SeaFalcon

The damage panel hit registation is also different and now features by which shell you’re hit.

Note: I’ve only translated a part of the Damage panel file internally, however ingame it’s all English



– Copy/paste the res_mods folder over the currently existing on in your World of tanks directory

Replace the files in this mod over the already existing files.


[] SeaFalcons Damage Panel XVM Hitlog (78 Kb)

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    1. You don’t have the required fonts. Calibri and Calibri light, these belong to microsoft and should come with office 2007, however it seems to be country depended. Since this font belongs to Microsoft I tend not to share this.

  1. hi sir.. this is one of the lovely mods that i have ever seen and have been using ever since I played WoT.. I am also very thankful that you have given information on how to edit some sections of the mod. but I do have some questions about the damage done to enemies,is it remove or did I just messed up some things during the copy&paste process? is there any way to put it back the “DIY” way like the font? thanks!

  2. https://sites.google.com/site/sfcompletemodpack/faq
    Q: I downloaded XVM to make the hitlog work, but it still doesn’t show up?
    A: A lot of people forget to activate XVM to allow edits. This is explained on the download page.
    – Go to xvm.xc.sample in the XVM folder
    – Rename this to xvm.xc, accept when it asks you to change the format.
    – You should be good to go now, if you replaced the hitlog.xc file in the @default folder with the one that came from the download.

    I recommend downloading it from my personal website for this mod as it is certainly up-to-date.

  3. Witajcie – mam problem z hitlogiem – po instalacji czystego xvm-ma dmg panel i hitlog dziala bez zarzutu. Natomiast po rekonfiguracji pliku xvm.xc hitlog SeaFalcon’a przestaje działać a włącza się ten z xvm na górze ekranu. Kombinowałem na różne sposoby i nie potrafię chyba sobie poradzić… Bardzo proszę o kilka sugestii… Dzięki.

    1. in the hitlog.xc file change all the font=’Arial’ to font=’$fieldfont’
      Your language isn’t supported by the Arial font.

  4. Works fine! Kudos and many thanks mate!

    However, I kinda liked the old version (shown in the screenshots) better. It was simpler and I loved the look of the pop up message in the center of the screen, Any chance you can make that version work in patch 8.11?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. This mod seems to work fine with 0.8.1 However would it kill the author to include a simple text file explaining what the symbols in the mod actually mean? Seriously, if he(she?9 can program the mod to work how hard can it be to give it a little user accessabilty?

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