[0.8.11] ModPack by BeGiN v8.11.12 (Installer)

ModPack by BeGiN v8.11.12 for World of Tanks.

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Feature list:

XVM Only (XVM mod by Aslains)

– Addons
— Enable avto-login to the game
— Enable Minimap zoom on CTRL button
— Enable win chance
— Ally / Enemy HP bar modifiers
— Thick HP bar (Default, if neither is selected)
— Thick HP bar

– Player Statistics mods
— XVM Player Statistics – Colored
— XVM Player Statistics – White
— Disable XVM Player Statistics

– Hitlog mods
— Hitlog ver. 2 (New)
— Hitlog ver. 1 (Old)
— No Hitlog

Mods to install
Colored hits (Red – Penetrate & Green – Bounce)
Auto-spotted message in chat by Roughneck CTRL+F to turn ON/OFF (Only works with sixth-sense skill activated!)
Battle timer
Chat scroll
YasenKrasen battle statistics
Damage Panel (with bounce and shell type recognition)
Received damage in chat
Damage indicator
Info Panel by Shtys (Edited by BeGin)

Crosshair mods
– J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod v1.35
– Melthy’s Crosshair
– Deegie’s Animated Crosshair

Radial Menu by BeGin
Zoom-in mod 30x
Clock in garage
Multiple-row garage
Scope shadow remover

Sixth-Sense mods
– Spotted sixth-sense with sound
– Sauron sixth-sense with sound
– Aslains sixth-sense no sound

Downloadable content

Locastan’s HD Minimap Gen.3

Garage mods
Premium garage (No premium account needed)
Animated garage with sounds

Dead tanks mods
– White dead tanks
– Beige dead tanks

Clan Icons
– Eu icons (02.01.2014)
– KR icons (02.01.2014)
– Ru icons (02.01.2014)
– NA icons (02.01.2014)
– SG icons (02.01.2014)

HitZone skins
HitZone ver.1 (Shaded)
HitZone ver.2 (Contour)



Image 2 HPBAR shot_012 shot_010


Download and unzip the archive
Run the installer
Select what you want to install


Mod-Pack-8.11.12-by-BeGiN (19 Mb)

28 thoughts on “[0.8.11] ModPack by BeGiN v8.11.12 (Installer)”

  1. Emmanuel Issaly says:

    link doesnt work

  2. Emmanuel Issaly says:

    Just about perfect! How do you change the apparence of the xvm info (especially the hits you did), as in 1920 resolution, the left list is partially covered by the hit list. Is it standard XVM parameters, and where do you change them?

  3. Cpl8 says:

    Awesome file download…everything went very smooth without guessing…Very nice ModPack…During the battle is there a way of changing the font of the panels that are on both side of the screen? kinda hard to read…Please email me I’ve got a question/work you might be interest in…Thank you

  4. Jor says:

    Is your mod pack already 8.11. compatible?

    1. Korodoch says:

      No, it’s not 8.11 compatible. He’s just using the same version number on his installer to generate clicks from google searches…

      1. Bobsquad says:

        Bullshit it just works fine on 8.11 so dont talk about stuff you dont know.

  5. blaster1 112 says:

    one bad thing about the reticule: sometimes it doesnt show the reload counter anymore after zooming out. Also it does not give a good representation of you accuracy (noticed this a lot with the KV-2)

  6. Snake says:

    have problem whit this modpack cant open this file if iam start open come this shit error sry my english bad zugriff verweigert (access denied) what can i do for open this file for install the mods… ggrrrrr need help

  7. Moerser Thor says:

    how to change the language back to german ??? the mod installation changed my lang to english and it couldnt changed by launcher

  8. dawid says:

    Thenks its werry good mod!!! good work

  9. dawid says:

    but crosshair – I have only JUMBO i wont Melthy buy i cent πŸ™ sorry me englis not good

  10. MAkonis says:

    Hey Problem there On the side where shown players tanks and tier ….
    Tier and tanks name cross so u cant realy Understant whattier or tank name .. ! sits on other can u fiz that ? Previous tank icons where better

  11. kranika says:

    BeGiN where are all 3 crosshairs i see only Jimbos ?!

  12. sp1k3 says:

    yes only J1mB0β€²s Crosshair Mod v1.35

  13. virus detected says:

    virus detected by bitdefender

  14. MAkonis says:

    Previous version Much better was πŸ˜‰

  15. Josh says:

    I really like the way this mod pack is designed….the way you can choose between options during installation really rocks…..Good Work is all I can say!!!

    Good Work!!

  16. ricko says:

    I don’t know if it’s modpack or not but i no longer have option to “send all to barracks”

  17. Makonis says:

    Hey Could u add Hit Log Damage recaived ?

  18. Vaspar says:

    If you install this mod pack you cant create team battles. Your tanks won’t show up for you to pick. I uninstalled the mod pack and then it was fine. I hope you can fix this problem because I love this pack. Unless it was a problem with my wot it’s self and fixed when I reinstalled but I don’t think so.

  19. ? says:

    it work in 9.0 to?

    1. ThetrueHaQuer says:

      It would be really great if the ModPack would work soon for 9.0! I really love this Pack and all the russian Modpacks are crap! Especially if you don’t speak russian πŸ™‚

      So please please try to update this pack fast! Can’t play without^^

  20. Subtractive says:

    Love this modpak is it going to be updated for 9.0?

  21. trcountry says:

    I hope you will be updating for 9.0 Soon!! This is my favorite Mod Pack

  22. AlbaChiara says:

    This ModPack will also be made for version 0.9 of WoT?
    For me this mod pack is one of the best made ​​for WoT

  23. Filip says:

    Its the best modpack, i ever found on web, please guys, do remake on 9.0. THX

  24. 517Ln.Com says:

    Somebody necessarily lend a hanbd to make seriously posts I would state.

    This is the very first time I frequented your webb page and to this point?
    I amazed wjth the analysis you made to make this actual post amazing.
    Excellent activity!

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