[0.9.7] kodos Battle Statistik Mod v1.0


Excellent statistics created player “Kodos” for World of Tanks 9.7

extended Version:

ex. Version

How to install:

Copy the “res_mods” folder to: “….\World of Tanks\”


kodo-statistik-0.9.7-V-1.0.zip (111 Kb)

kodos-statistik-extended-0.9.7-V-1.0.zip (198 Kb)

13 thoughts on “[0.9.7] kodos Battle Statistik Mod v1.0”

  1. Piluzo says:

    Thanx for that mod.
    I have one question, how reset statistics?

  2. shaco says:

    is there any way to display wn8 instead of wn6?

  3. John says:

    yes look into the macro list and edit the correct shortform in rating.xml

  4. eiffel says:

    no link to download ??? plz fix it, thx 🙂

    1. eiffel says:

      i found a download link : http://www.file-upload.net/download-8611112/kodos-statistik-8.11-V1.0.zip.html

      but i think it’s better if you give the download link here 😉

      1. admin says:

        Sorry. fixed

        1. eiffel says:

          thanks a lot ! 🙂

  5. eiffel says:

    for your information, all macros c:Winrate…. ie {{c:WinsRateTotal}} don’t work. but it work with this mod:

  6. nvlad says:

    when statistik mod for 0.9.0 ???

  7. Wow, that’s what I was searching for, what a stuff!
    existing here at this webpage, thanks admin of this

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  8. bloodmonarcy says:

    what version of expected tank values is used in this as I have been watching my stats and am getting 2k wn8 according to the mod but according to all the sites I am only getting a recent wn8 of 1.5k thank you

  9. Schmuky says:

    There is no download link? Please fix

    1. admin says:

      thx, fixed

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